Teknik İplik




Teknik İplik textiles committed to protecting the environment is even. Both regionally and globally for a better environment for the environment is to continuously improve performance.

The company's commitment to the goals set by the management goals, which is checked regularly. Our company is certified by Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex certified products in the paint and chemical suppliers are demanding.

On the environment is expected to achieve the objectives of the following ways:

- All employees participate in environmental protection and practices committed against them.

- Environmentally harmful materials or processes kullanılmayarak minimum particulate air pollution.

- Lower consumption of natural resources and sought ways to actively make investments based applications in the environmental and social policy.

- Where possible, reuse or recycling materials, less environmental pollution. All operations by reducing the consumption of materials, reuse of materials, and throws, provides support for the recycling and recycled materials.

Our company specializes in:

- The funds necessary for the implementation of the policy on the environment are fully considered at all times be available;

- All employees will be organized on topics related to the environment, education and support in achieving best practices in all areas of the company personnel.

Our company also, waste heat recovery will be made ​​Sudan  process cooling water cooling water heat recovery and flue gas recoveries in an active way for the necessary investments operated. Developed all the color and finishing machines to work at least with water and energy, and has continued to improve. If possible, reduce the amount of dirty and harmful emissions. Reduce visual effects and other effects of noise pollution in the region. Environmental objectives and goals that are listed are valid at any time and for the implementation of environmental performance will be evaluated and monitored regularly.