BEYGİZ is a premium quality mercerized cotton sewing thread. The long fiber length of cotton, which gives brightness to the thread, provides an eye-catching sewing appearance and provides a performance that satisfies the needs without compromising the organic feature of cotton in sewing processes with aesthetic sewing concerns.

BEYGİZ comes with bleached, non-bleached options as well.

Fields of Usage

  • Sewing high quality leather
  • Jackets and various leather Products
  • Medical clothing
  • Embroidery and decorative Gopstitching
  • Garment dye-end use
  • Knitted clothes
  • Sports clothes
  • Denim clothes
  • Shirts
  • Leather Products
  • Biker clothing

WHY Beygiz

  • BEYGİZ sewing thread has a soft and shiny surface, thus providing a flawless sewing appearance.
  • The fact that BEYGİZ is mercerized cotton increases the ability of the yarn to take dye, and thus ensures that you get the best color result every time.
  • It preserves the organic structure of cotton yarn.
  • It has the OEKO-TEX standard 100, class I, certificate, which also covers children’s clothing as well.